YowUp!Yogurt – Natural. prebiotics For Cats 85g

YowUp!Yogurt – Natural. prebiotics For Cats 85g


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Yogurt rich in calcium and probiotics!

  • NO FAT
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The nutritional needs of our companion animals respond to three objectives:

build and maintain

This is the role of proteins, minerals, trace elements and vitamins and it is usually provided by their main diet.

provide energy

Lipids and carbohydrates are responsible for carrying out this function, which also normally covers the main diet.


This function is usually covered by healthy food supplements, as is the case with our Yogurt YowUp! .
It occurs when a product is formulated, complementary to the main diet based on a good knowledge and adequate use of certain nutrients in the diet. In our case the main nutrient is calcium. A bioavailable calcium for the bones, as well as the sum of the vitamins naturally present in the products, which are also key for hair and skin care.


  • Milk basically contains a protein, casein, which is an essential macronutrient that contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass and bone structure, which is why they are considered a key piece.


  • Calcium is a mineral that gives shape to the bones of the dog and cat. The body also uses calcium to help the heart beat, help blood to clot, and help muscles and nerves. The body does not produce calcium, the only way to get it is by consuming it. If a dog or cat does not eat enough calcium, the body takes calcium from the bones, which weakens them and makes them easier to break, especially in the mature stages of their life. Calcium (Ca) nutritional requirements can be met with other food sources, such as nuts and seeds, oily fish, green leafy vegetables, but not in the quantities and comfort and convenience of yogurt. Not only is the amount of Ca provided by food important, but the matrix in which this calcium is found, which will determine its bioavailability and absorption, is also important. In this case, the calcium from dairy is located in the non-fat fraction and is easily absorbed, unlike other foods.


  • When human beings eat yogurt we are also ingesting the bacteria that have incorporated it and that are still alive. These bacteria, normally Lactobacillus, have a great probiotic effect. Prebiotics designed for dogs and cats contribute equally to a balanced intestinal flora and stimulate the defenses of the immune system of our pets in a nutrition developed and incorporated especially for them. 80% of the defenses of our animals are found in the intestine: in their intestinal microbiota. This is the population of microorganisms that inhabits the digestive system and that is responsible, among other functions, for helping them digest certain nutrients, combat pathogen aggression and also produce some vitamins. Thus, when we feed them, we also feed the hundreds of trillions of bacteria that inhabit their digestive system. If we also include prebiotic foods like YowUp!, we ensure a beneficial effect on your intestinal microbiota that can have a direct impact on other body functions.

Complementary food for cats and kittens (from six weeks)

Composition: fermented dairy products (lactose-free yoghurt) 95.6%, corn starch, pectin 0.6%, dry oligofructose 0.5% and flavourings.

How to use: to taste directly in a container or mixed in your main food.

*Store in a cool, dry place. Once opened, keep refrigerated.




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