PRO NUTRITION Prestige Energy Sport

PRO NUTRITION Prestige Energy Sport


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AGE :Adult WEIGHT :Any weight Benefits Recovery after exercise (L-carnitine) : L-carnitine promotes recovery after exercise.

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Recovery after exercise (L-carnitine) : L-carnitine promotes recovery after exercise. It works in combination with Vitamin C and taurine to facilitate exercise, delaying the onset of fatigue and cramps.
High energy : High energy content (4.400kcal/kg) and highly digestible and assimilable ingredients help to meet the demands of active dogs and also aid digestion.
Joint protection : With hydrolysed cartilage rich in hydrolysed marine collagen to protect bones and joints.

Dehydrated animal proteins (35% min.) (chicken, duck, turkey, pork). Potato starch. Dehulled oats. Corn. Animal fat. Linseed. Peas. Duck fat. Apple Þbres. Animal protein hydrolysates. Coconut oil. Rapeseed oil. Fish autolysates (0.75%). BrewerÕs yeast. Clay. Sea salt. Fructo-oligosaccharides. Hydrolysed cartilage. Taurine. Rosemary extracts. L-carnitine. Enterococcus faecium (4b1707) (Probiotics). Vitamins and trace elements.

Crude proteins 34 %. Crude fats and oils 22 %. Crude fibres 2,5 %. Inorganic matter 6 %. Calcium 1,1 %. Phosphorus 0,8 %. Sodium 0,35 %. Potassium 0,56 %. Magnesium 0,1 %. Linoleic acid 33,4 g/kg. Alpha-linolenic acid 14,2 g/kg. EPA + DHA 0,27 g/kg. Lysin 16,8 g/kg. Methionine 5 g/kg. L-carnitine 50 mg/kg. Taurine 420 mg/kg. Copper 18 mg/kg. Zinc 180 mg/kg (of which Zinc chelate 72 mg/kg). Manganese 73 mg/kg. Iodine 2,6 mg/kg. Selenium 0,5 mg/kg (of which Organic selenium 0,18 mg/kg). Vitamin A 13600 UI/kg. Vitamin D3 880 UI/kg. Vitamin E 250 UI/kg. Vitamin C 160 mg/kg. Vitamin B1 80 mg/kg. Vitamin B2 10 mg/kg. Pantothenic acid 42 mg/kg. Vitamin B6 9,6 mg/kg. Vitamin B12 0,22 mg/kg. Vitamin PP 31 mg/kg. Biotin 2,4 mg/kg. Folic acid 2,2 mg/kg. Choline chloride 1800 mg/kg. Metabolisable energy 4400 kcal/kg. Enterococcus faecium 1×109 UFC/kg.

41% of the whole of dehydrated animal proteins contained in the food correspond to 77% in fresh equivalent. The fresh equivalent consists of the rehydration of the dehydrated animal products knowing that they contain to the maximum 6% of water whereas the fresh animal products have 75% of it.