dr Seidel – Flawitol for adult dogs (60 tabs)

dr Seidel – Flawitol for adult dogs (60 tabs)


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Supplies the adult dog with a dose of vitamins, macro- and microelements necessary for maintaining good physical condition and health. An addition of flavonoids increases the body resistance to many diseases (including tumours) and delays the ageing processes.

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The product is intended for daily use in adult dogs fed so-called “homemade dog food” or unbalanced commercial dog food.


1 tablet/6 kg/day

brewing yeasts, dicalcium phosphate, starch
Additives (in 1.6 g tablet): grape skin extract (flavonoids) 16 mg; magnesium 4.8 mg; vitamins: A 360 IU, D3 40 IU, E 2 mg, B1 101 µg, B2 230 µg, B6 115 µg, B12 2.3 µg; folic acid 27 µg; pantothenic acid 918 µg; biotin 9 µg; zinc 3.4 mg; iron (chelate) 5 mg; copper (chelate) 333 µg, iodine 58 µg; selenium 11 µg; technological additives.
Analytical constituents (as calculated): protein 18.2%; fat 1.8%; fibre 1.4%; ash 33.7%; calcium 10.7%; phosphorus 7.4%; sodium 0%.