Eukanuba Cat Grain Free Kitten Salmon 2kg

Eukanuba Cat Grain Free Kitten

Eukanuba Cat Grain Free Kitten Salmon 2kg


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EUKANUBA Grain free * dry cat food for growing kittens provides an alternative for cats with special nutritional requirements. The high level of animal protein, 87% out of total protein level, helps to build and maintain lean muscles while the contained DHA promotes healthy brain development. The included Antioxidants help to support the natural defenses and promote vitality. Rich in salmon, this diet provides omega-3 fatty acids from natural sources. To support a healthy heart we added extra Taurine to the formula. The recipe is packed with prebiotics and fibre to help promote intestinal health and digestion. Our alternative carbohydrate sources from potato & peas provide a natural source of fibre and minerals. On top of that, the included yeast serves as a natural source of vitamins and essential amino acids. All these ingredients are essential in the growth phase of your kitten and actively contribute to a healthy start in life.

dried chicken & turkey: 39% (chicken 23%), freshly frozen salmon (20%), potato, whole peas, poultry fat, dried beet pulp (1.7%), chicken gravy, fructooligosaccharides (0.65%), brewer’s dried yeast.

protein: 40%, fat content: 20%, omega-6 fatty acids: 3.66%, omega-3 fatty acids: 1.17%, DHA: 0.21%, crude ash: 7.5%, crude fibre: 2.1%, calcium: 1.5%, phosphorus: 1.3%, magnesium: 0.08%, taurine: 0.22%.

When feeding for the first time, gradually introduce EUKANUBA into your cat’s diet over a period of 4 days. Your cat may eat more or less depending on age, temperament and activity level. Always have plenty of fresh water available for your cat to drink.

The following values are rough guidelines. Actual requirements may vary. Please adjust your cat’s feeding amounts to maintain ideal body weight. Cat’s weight & the daily amount in grams/day: >4-19 weeks: 0,5kg 30g, 1kg 65g, 2kg 125g, 3kg 190g, 4kg 255g, 20-29 weeks: 1kg 35g, 2kg 65g, 3kg 100g, 4kg 130g, 5kg 165g, 30-39 weeks: 2kg 50g, 3kg 75g, 4kg 100g, 5kg 125g, 6kg 150g, 40-49 weeks: 2kg 40g, 3kg 60g, 4kg 80g, 5kg 100g, 6kg 120g, Pregnancy: 2kg 30-45g, 3kg 45-70g, 4kg 60-90g, 5kg 75-115g, 6kg 90-135g, 8kg 120-180g, 10kg 150-230g, Lactation: 2kg 60-90g, 3kg 120-180g, 4kg 120-180g, 6kg 180-275g, 8kg 245-365g, 10kg 305-455g